What I Learned About Testosterone Boosters

During my research of natural testosterone boosters, I learned a lot about marketing. There are so many products out there all promising that their pill or supplement will effectively increase testosterone.

Now, this is not all wrong. It is possible to stimulate the body to begin creating testosterone to restore natural levels. That is pretty important to understand. If someone’s testosterone levels are normal, these will pretty much do nothing. They only work to help assist the body to ‘restore’ normal testosterone levels.

So do they work? Yes, many of them do, just know what the purpose is. It is not to artificially inflate T levels above normal. That requires either human growth hormone or injections of actual testosterone or steroids. All of those I consider to be dangerous alternatives.

I always choose natural methods and natural ingredients. So those are off the table for me.

One product I really enjoy and can recommend is Spartagen XT which you can see how it works below:

Now I will tell you straight up, the sales and marketing are totally over the top. Especially if you watch the long sales video.

If you are interested in reading more about Spartagen XT, this site seems to provide the most authentic review: http://www.spartagen-xt.com/.

With that said, after looking at the ingredients and doing my own research into each of them, I can see how it would increase stamina, boost energy and help restore libido. All of these will naturally encourage the body to begin or increase the production of testosterone in the male testes.

And while it is important to ensure that testosterone levels are normal, Vitamin D is critical for overall health… but it’s also important to understand how the body creates Vitamin D. Read this post about how the body produces Vitamin D from sunlight: http://www.spartagen-xt.com/body-produces-vitamin-d-sunlight/.

With that said, I have to share that the #1 ingredient in Spartagen XT is Vitamin D. It literally has 4,000 IU which is 1,000% of the daily value. So there is no shortage here.

It also contains both the Proprietary Testosterone Activation Stack and the Proprietary Drive Amplification Matrix. Both of these help encourage the body to continue the production of testosterone and reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. So that is good.

Lastly, it claims to boost drive, increase free testosterone and promote stamina… and I have to say it delivers on that promise.

Natural Solutions For The Most Common Form Of Erectile Dysfunction

It is super easy to go grab a little blue pill, but do we really know the long-term effects of this? It might be just fine, we really don’t know for sure.

What I prefer to look at in almost all situations is a natural or herbal solution to any health issue I am facing.

So when I started noticing the effects of ED, I started doing my research and came across a lot of solutions, but not many that seemed like they were good for me, and natural and healthy.

That is until I ran into a product called Erect on Demand. Watch this video for more information on Erect on Demand:

You can also watch this playlist with a bunch more erect on demand videos.

So if you are like me and have either a lack of blood flow, or a lack of senstivity, then I highly suggest you check out Erect on Demand. That Peruvian brew may be just what you need.

Use Unlock Her Legs To Escape The Friend Zone

Watch this video where Bill talks about how Bobby Rio and Rob Judge were almost forced to create the program called Unlock Her Legs. This program was designed to help guys escape the friend zone and completely reset what a woman thinks about them.


It is a pretty short video and it completely explains what the program does and how the Scrambler can be used to reset what a woman thinks about you.